7 days ago Josh Lavin Adjust MySQL key lengths to 191 characters master github/master
2018-01-16 Jon Jensen X-Accel-Expires: Might as well use sensible shorthand!
2018-01-16 Jon Jensen Add x_accel_expires pragma to set X-Accel-Expires header
2018-01-06 Mark Johnson GatewayLog adjustments
2018-01-05 Josh Lavin Prevent bug when using scalar as ARRAY ref
2017-12-07 David Christensen Also look in the next-highest directory when detecting...
2017-11-17 David Christensen Move version-detecting code earlier in Makefile.PL...
2017-11-14 David Christensen Add GatewayLog docs into WHATSNEW
2017-11-14 David Christensen Fix non-deterministic UTF8 handling with PostgreSQL...
2017-11-13 David Christensen Fix unintentionally short local scoping
2017-11-13 Mark Johnson Add gateway_log support to Braintree
2017-11-06 Mark Johnson PaypalExpress gateway logging bugfixes
2017-11-04 Mark Johnson Clean up trailing spaces and update copyright
2017-11-04 Mark Johnson Move gateway_log DB definitions into strap
2017-11-04 Mark Johnson GatewayLog module improvements
2017-11-04 Mark Johnson Fix glitch setting result_code to database.
2017-11-04 Mark Johnson Fix glitch on result_code map test.
2017-11-04 Mark Johnson Integrate gateway logging to Vend::Payment::CyberSource
2017-11-04 Mark Johnson Added new Source option.
2017-11-04 Mark Johnson Adding stubs for debugging calls.
2017-11-04 Mark Johnson Add gateway_log to
2017-11-04 Mark Johnson Add gateway_log to
2017-11-04 Mark Johnson Vend::Payment::GatewayLog
2017-11-03 David Christensen Add back in commit counter, some cleanup/logic document...
2017-11-03 David Christensen Whack strap's admin override login page, now redundant
2017-11-03 Josh Lavin Add COMPANY var to admin page title
2017-11-03 David Christensen Remove file from MANIFEST
2017-11-03 David Christensen Remove unneeded strap merge_meta admin page (which...
2017-11-03 David Christensen Make get_dist_version() smarter about which future...
2017-11-03 Mark Johnson Vend::Payment::Braintree payment module
2017-11-03 David Christensen Update get_dist_version() to consider any post-tag...
2017-11-03 David Christensen Use calculated version from Makefile.PL instead of...
2017-11-03 David Christensen Normalize the version returned by the get_dist_version()
2017-11-03 Josh Lavin Strap version of Admin create-customer page
2017-11-03 David Christensen Make the distribution name also use the computed version
2017-11-03 David Christensen Move version detection to its own routine
2017-11-02 David Christensen Fix unqualified relative include with removal of '...
2017-11-02 David Christensen Whitespace cleanup
2017-11-02 David Christensen Make Makefile.PL die a hero's death if it can't chdir...
2017-11-02 David Christensen rename .ic-version to _ic_version for style consistency
2017-11-02 David Christensen Cleanup .ic-version on `make clean`
2017-11-02 Josh Lavin Selectively display online_check fields, for AuthNet...
2017-11-02 David Christensen Add feature to tag/use the current development version...
2017-11-02 David Christensen Use interpolated VERSION in various display pieces
2017-11-02 David Christensen Teach Makefile.PL about where to get VERSION from
2017-11-02 David Christensen Adjust to optionally remove the commented...
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Remove CVS $Revision$ tags
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Make transactions.update_date PREFER_NULL
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Allow userdb.usernick to be NULL
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Make userdb.mod_time NULL instead of invalid date ...
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Remove redundant failure check (Getopt::Std doesn't...
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Clear or don't check $@ in cases where eval is not...
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Use get_hash error API instead of $@ at a distance
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Reorder and/or cache $@ to prevent accidental alteratio...
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Explicitly set $@ for cases where set_field() doesn...
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Remove bogus usage of $@, which File::Copy doesn't...
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Correct printf arguments in error message
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Use $db->errstr instead of not necessarily set $@ to...
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Remove overcomplicated abort when running on Windows
2017-11-02 Jon Jensen Tag import-fields: make error handling more robust
2017-11-01 Jon Jensen Sync MANIFEST
2017-11-01 Jon Jensen Remove remaining CVS Id tags
2017-11-01 Jon Jensen Escape regex literal .
2017-11-01 David Christensen Remove defunct payment gateways
2017-11-01 David Christensen WHATSNEW for 5.12
2017-11-01 Josh Lavin Update PaypalExpress module, by Lyn St George
2017-10-27 David Christensen Update WHATSNEW structure
2017-10-27 David Christensen Update MANIFEST.SKIP
2017-10-27 David Christensen Update Copyright dates and Version Numbers
2017-10-24 David Christensen Change deprecated POSIX::tmpnam to File::Temp versions
2017-10-24 Josh Lavin Resolve shipping tag Safe issue in perl block
2017-10-24 Josh Lavin Escape more left braces
2017-09-11 David Christensen Revert "Correct logic of DisplayErrors"
2017-09-08 David Christensen Correct logic of DisplayErrors
2017-09-08 David Christensen Fix unintended error leakage not obeying DisplayErrors
2017-08-12 Josh Lavin Another fix for @INC
2017-08-10 Jon Jensen te: Improve extended hash handling, ignore character...
2017-07-25 Josh Lavin Escape left brace
2017-07-25 Josh Lavin in Perl 5.26, @INC no longer includes current dir
2017-07-25 Josh Lavin Add Perl versions 5.24 & 5.26 to TravisCI
2017-07-05 Josh Lavin Log the actual error, as order-desk version does
2017-06-28 Josh Lavin Remove failing script from Travis config
2017-06-25 Peter Ajamian Fix syntax error on conditional warnings.
2017-06-23 David Christensen Make new warning suppression version-safe
2017-06-23 David Christensen Change operator to Perl 5.8-compatible one
2017-06-22 David Christensen Cleanup warnings
2017-06-22 David Christensen Fix redundant sprintf errors in perl 5.22.0
2017-06-22 David Christensen Fix potential "use of uninitialized value" if called...
2017-06-22 David Christensen Fix ancient line numbering bug
2017-06-22 David Christensen Fix undeclared subs warnings
2017-06-22 David Christensen Fix masking lexical warning
2017-06-22 David Christensen Explicitly fix "once" RUNDIR declaration
2017-06-22 David Christensen Remove long-dead filehandle
2017-06-22 David Christensen Remove redundant declaration which also caused warnings
2017-06-22 David Christensen Fix "once" warnings in Vend::CounterFile
2017-06-22 David Christensen Remove redundant var declaration
2017-06-22 David Christensen Remove long-dead global vestige
2017-06-22 David Christensen Exit from subroutine using "return" instead of "next"
2017-06-19 Mike Heins * Add [adjust-href] tag that transforms regular HTML...
2017-06-14 David Christensen Early exit from find_options_type if no sku provided