last changeTue, 17 Jan 2017 22:41:10 +0000
13 hours ago David Christensen Remove code artifact master github/master
13 hours ago David Christensen Some initial test cases for RobotUA testing
13 hours ago David Christensen Update test to be more verbose
13 hours ago Josh Lavin Fix bug introduced in commit 7401515
13 hours ago David Christensen Add base infrastructure for testing RobotUA changes
13 hours ago David Christensen Update RobotUA to use new routine to extract high-prior...
13 hours ago David Christensen Update routine to recognize "RobotUAFinal"
13 hours ago David Christensen Refactor robot testing into an internal routine
38 hours ago Josh Lavin Prevent spider access to pw_reset page
4 days ago Jon Jensen Refactor cookie-setting routine to avoid double ; and...
2016-12-23 Jon Jensen Add support for prelogout_action to UserDB logout
2016-12-23 Jon Jensen Check for admin status earlier so it's available to...
2016-12-07 David Christensen Include stubs for proper operation for Vend::CharSet
2016-11-28 Josh Lavin Fix nesting problem in PayPal affecting b_state
2016-11-22 Josh Lavin Prevent browser autocomplete problems
2016-11-14 David Christensen Fix missing subroutine when MINIVEND_DISABLE_UTF8 is set
12 months ago REL_5_10_0 Interchange 5.10.0 Release
2 years ago REL_5_8_2 Interchange Release 5.8.2
2 years ago REL_5_8_1 Interchange 5.8.1 release
3 years ago REL_5_8_0 Interchange 5.8.0 release
4 years ago DEB_5_7_7_2 Debian package release 5.7.7-2.
5 years ago DEB_5_7_7_1 Debian package release 5.7.7-1.
5 years ago REL_5_7_7 Release 5.7.7
6 years ago DEB_5_7_6_2 Debian package release 5.7.6-2
6 years ago DEB_5_7_6_1 Debian package release 5.7.6-1
6 years ago REL_5_4_5 Release Interchange 5.4.5
6 years ago REL_5_6_3 Release Interchange 5.6.3
6 years ago REL_5_7_6 Release Interchange 5.7.6
6 years ago REL_5_7_5 Release Interchange 5.7.5
6 years ago DEB_5_7_4_2 Debian package upload 5.7.4-2
7 years ago REL_5_7_4 Release Interchange 5.7.4
7 years ago REL_5_7_3 Release Interchange 5.7.3
13 hours ago master
8 months ago DEB_5_10_0
2 years ago DEB_5_8_1
3 years ago DEB_5_8_0
4 years ago DEB_5_7_7
5 years ago STABLE_5_6-branch
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